Building diabetes solutions for women

We work with women in hospitals, offices, and private practices every day. We are constantly gathering information and insights into what would help them. We dig deep to understand women’s needs and how best to meet them.

Dr. Teresa Knight, FACOG, Co-Founder 

Dr Knight Medical Director and Chief Strategic Officer at Werbie. She is the CEO of Women’s Health Specialists of Saint Louis. In addition to her medical practice, she is a medical technology consultant. Dr Knight is the Medical Director for the Family Planning Clinic of Franklin County, MO, and for Unite the World with Africa. She attended Saint Louis University Medical School and completed her residency at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center in St. Louis.   

Lauren Hannon RN, MBA

Lauren is a senior manager for product development at Inovalon, Inc. in Maryland. After her 11-year career as a registered nurse in OB/GYN high-risk maternity and open heart ICU, Lauren left clinical nursing for the world of healthcare IT and molecular diagnostics. She has managed projects and developed expertise in strategic market planning, market research, and forecasting. 


Our mission is nurturing women with diabetes. We believe that with the right tools, support, language, cooperation and care, we can prevent and improve diabetes in women. 

dsthat women have special health and nutrition needs at different stages of their lives. Our goal is to make meeting those needs as healthy, easy, and practical as possible. 

Karen Blackburn, OBGYN

Karen is an OBGYN at the women's health practice Drs. Reiter, Hill, Johnson, and Nevin in Washington, DC. Before joining the practice, she graduated from residency at the George Washington University. She received her doctorate at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. 


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Flynn Millard O’Neill RN, FNP, CYT

Flynn is a family nurse practitioner at Drs. Reiter, Hill, Johnson & Nevin in Washington, DC. She is also a partner with Stork, LLC, a childbirth education company. She was a labor and delivery registered nurse at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC, for 4 years. 

Rose Ann Hudson, RD, RD

Rose Ann is a Perinatal Nutritionist and Registered Clinical Dietitian who has been on the staff of Inova Fairfax Hospital for 19 years, and has a private practice. She is the co-author, with Catherine Jones, of the Mom’s Choice Award winning nutrition-cookbook, Eating for Pregnancy

Catherine Jones, C0-Founder & CEO

Catherine is an entrepreneur and award-winning nutrition-cookbook author. She is the co-author, with Rose Ann Hudson, RD, LD, of the Mom’s Choice Award winning nutrition-cookbook, Eating for Pregnancy. Her latest book, The Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook, won three awards. She is a Diabetes Influencer and a chef.